Birchwood Properties is owned and managed by a group of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in housing, land and real estate development. Since our first development in the late 1990s, we have established a reputation for integrity and excellence, and our entire team strives for quality in everything we do.

Company-wide, we’re committed to encouraging energy-efficiency and sustainability in our work. During construction, we use proven building materials and have implemented a process that features important checkpoints to ensure high standards. We offer warranties to provide peace of mind, and a level of service that ensures our homeowners have a voice through every step of the process.

Ours is a promise of quality, style and complete happiness – one neighbourhood, one home and one family at a time.


  • We are committed to providing superior value and quality to our customers
  • We respect the individuality of each of our employees and we encourage, value and reward creativity and productivity
  • We think of our trades and suppliers as partners who share our goal of providing superior value and quality; and we want them to succeed
  • We are dedicated to perform in a manner that will deliver consistent, satisfactory returns to our investors and shareholders

Core Values

  • We believe that teamwork leads to greater success
  • We take pride in the individuals on our team, our overall team and our results
  • We believe that quality, customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability are absolute requirements for long term success
  • We treat each other, our customers and our partners with respect
  • We focus on constant learning and improvement and not on laying blame
  • We agree on our processes and measure them to ensure consistency and quality
  • We believe that we are more than a place to work – we are part of a fun and rewarding team