April 19

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DIY Spring Home Decor Ideas

Pinterest is a gold mine for DIY and decor ideas for free, on small budgets or for people who just love arts and crafts. Here is our list of great ideas to bring spring into your home!

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

This wreath is so vibrant and beautiful! If tulips aren’t your favorite flower, you can substitute with ones you like. Customize your colours, pattern and make it your own! 

Easy Cherry Blossom Painting

This painting is a great idea for those who may not be overly artistic. It's simple and easy and would look fantastic hanging on your wall. 

DIY Sunshine Sign

First, the typography on this sign is amazing. Second, it’s pretty, vibrant and very springy. This sign brings summery vibes to any room in your house. 

DIY Spring Planters

Springtime calls for fresh plants and part of the fun is DIY planters! These gold on white planter pots are so much fun, fresh and beautiful.

Hanging Candles

These hanging candles add an elegance to this dining room that we adore. The best part is that this is very budget-friendly!

Easter Lanterns

These Easter-specific lanterns are a beautiful center piece for your living room or dining room table. The great part is that they can be reorganized or customized to focus more on spring or summer and less on the holidays.

Natural Home Scents

We love this idea! Keep your house smelling spring-fresh with this fantastic DIY from wikihow.

Free Printable Spring Art

If real plants or crafts aren’t your thing, these free printable art pieces are perfect to frame and hang around the house for a touch of brightness.